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    "Gail  is one of the most extraordinary vocal coaches I've ever worked with. Every week, she hands me a song I've never heard of, and it inevitably fits me like a glove. I'm a smarter, stronger and more interesting performer because I work with Gail. She's a gem."

    - Lisa Spierer


    "Gail is an excellent instructor. Her best atribute in my opinion is preparing her students for auditions. She is excellent at picking peices that will show off your voice and her workshops are the perfect way to hone your auditioning skills!!" 

    - Alex Santoro


    "Ms. Becker is truly one of the most attentive voice instructors I have ever had. She consistently used our lesson time efficiently, working to foster strength in my vocal ability, theatrical motivation and interpretation, and stage presence in each piece of material given to me. She presents constructive criticism in a positive way, and she is an absolute pleasure to learn from due to her amiable personality and strong drive. I was constantly impressed with Ms. Becker's investment in researching roles and songs that were fitting to both my voice type and my theatrical type, and at almost every lesson she provided me with options of new material, all of which were challenging and not nearly as "overdone" as song choices I had been presented with by previous instructors. She really helped me to open up my sound, accentuate my vocal agility and diction, better my breath support, increase my range, and improve my musicality to become more expressive through my singing. As someone pursing theatre at one of the top performing arts universities in the country, I am grateful that Ms. Becker was able to provide me with the tools necessary to go forth with confidence in this field. Ms. Becker's commitment to her students is astounding, and I believe that any aspiring artist would benefit from her coaching and be lucky to have her as an instructor." 

    - Ashley Coussens/Northwestern University

    Some quotes from Find Your Light students:

    "Under the teachings of Andy and Gail, I've watched myself and my peers grow from talented individuals into an educated team aimed for Broadway." - Grace Montgomery


    "I feel 10 times more confident about preparing for auditions." - Kathleen Leone


    "FYL has taught me valuable musical theatre skills that I will NEVER stop using." - Randy Kessenich 


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